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World Priest Day


Dear Lovers,

For 11 years, Worldwide Marriage Encounter has proclaimed a World Priest Day to honor the men who have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church through the Sacrament of Holy Orders. It is an opportunity for Catholics to thank, affirm and share their love and support for all priests, diocesan as well as those in religious orders. World Priest Day will be celebrated each year on the last Sunday in October.

Please join thousands of other Catholics in taking a day to especially recognize the priests who so faithfully serve us by providing the Sacraments, spiritual guidance, education and love as a daily gift. This can be as simple as sending a special card or making phone calls to as elaborate as your creativity allows. Take the time to reach out in a special and affirming way to acknowledge the priests who have been an important part of your life: your pastors and associate (past and present), the priest who witnessed your marriage, baptized your children, provided consolation during the loss of a loved one, to name a few.

For some, supporting and caring for priests has been an ongoing and continuing experience; for others, it may be a new chance to say “we love and value you” to the priests they know. There are ideas for celebrating at our website,, and you can visit the Serra Club’s website at for ways to show priests how much they are valued and appreciated. We also ask that you tell us of your ideas and celebrations so we can share them with others on the WPD website.

A “World Priest Day Celebration Starter Kit” for your use can be found online at This site has many ideas including a “Blessing for a Priest”, sample note cards and ideas for parish-wide celebrations.

Have a great time celebrating World Priest Day!

Mario Olga and Fr. Joe


WPD Coordinating Team:

Mario Olga Lopez
P. O. Box 9776
Coral Springs, FL 33075-9776
Fr. Joseph DiMauro, OSFS
1801 North Broom Street
Wilmington, DE 19802
610-506-9008; Fax 302-654-5094

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