World Priest Day

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World Priest Day (WPD)


Do you remember the experience of the priest on your “weekend?” Do remember the closeness you felt when he shared feelings from expectations, disappointments and joys in his life? As he shared his feelings of isolation and joy through dialogue, do you remember the closeness you experienced with him as a person? As we prepare for World Priest Day (WPD), we encourage you to remember that closeness you felt with the person of your priest.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter is sponsoring World Priest Day the last Sunday of October 2010 (October 31, 2010). WPD focuses on celebrating the ongoing affirmation of priests and building of relationships between couples and priests. It is a day or several days to rejoice in the Sacrament of Holy Orders. On this day, or during the week preceding or following it, Encountered couples in local communities across the country are encouraged to develop one or several experiences to affirm all priests (encountered or not). This will be a unique occasion for reaching out to priests.

By July 2010, the “Starter Kit” will be available the WPD website. This “Starter Kit” suggests ways for a couple and a community to reach out to priests. Don’t limit yourself to what is contained in the kit. This is only a beginning of what can happen.

We received many letters, pictures and e-mails from communities around the country showing their love for their priests. We’ve shared some of these on the WPD website. We look forward to having many more to share after this year’s celebration. The WPD website is Check the site for ideas from across the country. As the WPD National Coordinating Team, we hope to hear about the ideas you and your community created to affirm our precious priests. WPD received wonderful coverage in the National Catholic Register, and many diocesan periodicals last year. Please let us know if there are other opportunities for coverage

Please know that we share our affirmation of priests and support for vocations along with the Knights of Columbus, Catholic Daughters of America, Serra Clubs and all Catholics. The National Federation of Priest Councils (NFPC) sponsored “Priesthood Sunday” each year. They are supportive of WWME's sponsorship of World Priest Day and are consdiering ways we can work together on our 2 events. Priesthood Sunday in 2010 will also be October 31.

Have a great time celebrating World Priest Day!

WPD Coordinating Team

Norm Judy Hansen
9212 Narcissus Road
St. Joseph, MN 56374
Father Bernie Steiner
1001 North Garden Street
New Ulm, MN 56073
507 359-3583


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