World Priest Day



Can be used to write a presentation or choose a few questions for open sharing at your Share Group (Image, Circle, Weds, etc.) meeting before WPD

I. Experience of Priests & the Priesthood

A. Growing up

1. What were my attitudes about priests in general and/or specifically

2. What were my expectations of priests

B. Outlook on priests as an adult

1. What kind of relationship did you have with the priest who presided at your wedding and after

2. What has been your involvement (or lack) with priests after your marriage

3. What were your attitudes about your son(s) becoming a priest before your weekend

C. Just prior to your weekend

1. Did you know a priest would be presenting the weekend

2. What did you think he was doing on a Marriage Encounter W/E

3. Thoughts and feelings (describe them) about the priest’s presence on the weekend

II. The Priest on your weekend

A. Initial reaction, thoughts and feelings about the priest as the weekend began
B. What changes in your attitudes about priests occurred during the weekend
C. Share your realization and new view about priests as people

III. After the Weekend

A. What is your view and experience of your parish priest now

1. Do you find yourself accepting him flaws & all

2. Share the new attitude in your heart especially when you disagree with him

B. What is your view of your parish and fellow parishioners now after the W/E

1. Do you feel a sense of belonging

2. Do you want to get more involved

C. Relationship with a priest(s)

1. Have you sought out a friendship with a priest

a. What are/were your barriers to seeking that friendship

b. How are/did you overcome them

c. Briefly describe that journey and your growing relationship with him

d. Effects of your relationship with him on you and your family

e. Attitudes and feelings now about your son(s) considering the priesthood

Possible Dialogue Questions:

What are my thoughts and feelings about my/our relationship with our priest(s) after listening to this presentation?

What are my thoughts and feelings as we (as a couple, family and share group) approach the celebration of WORLD PRIEST DAY? Describe your feelings in loving detail.


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