World Priest Day

World Priest Day

World Priest Day 24-Hour Prayer Intentions

Here are 24 prayer petitions for priests. In the interest of several people praying together in Spirit, we are asking individuals and couples to lift up that prayer intention during the specified hour if possible. By doing so, each intention hopefully will be offered by several across the nation during that hour. In this way we can be united in our prayer focus by time zone.

12:00 AM: Pray for the health, welfare and spiritual growth of all priests, especially those that have been a gift to you and your family. Name them and visualize them as you pray.

1:00 AM: Pray that those men being called by God to the Priesthood listen and hear that call.

2:00 AM: Pray that priests may strive to be men of prayer so their work may be fruitful.

3:00 AM: Pray that priests may be an instrument for an increase of understanding and unity between the other Christian Churches and the Catholic Church.

4:00 AM: Pray for missionaries in foreign lands that they recognize the fruits of their sacrifice and come to know the love of those to whom they minister and serve.

5:00 AM: Pray for the diocesan priests that serve the Church in isolated places that they come to experience the love and service of holy men and women in their parishes.

6:00 AM: Pray that Bishops may be open and attentive to the needs of their priests.

7:00 AM: Pray for wisdom, compassion and perseverance for priests in their healing role.

8:00 AM: Pray for retired priests that they grow in appreciation of their lifelong vocation of loving God’s people.

9:00 AM: Pray that priests may be bonded in brotherhood and strive to overcome differences in age, culture, personality styles and taste.

10:00 AM: Pray for priests who teach in colleges, universities and seminaries that they remain committed to teaching the truth of Jesus.

11:00 AM: Pray for your parish priest and his needs.

12:00 PM: Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, your Bishop, and all the clergy to serve and lead the Church with passion and love.

1:00 PM: Pray for priests who have been unjustly accused of sexual misconduct.

2:00 PM: Pray for priests suffering from discouragement or doubt.

3:00 PM: Pray for priests who God is inviting to minister in Worldwide Marriage Encounter that they may hear the call and answer with open hearts and minds.

4:00 PM: Pray that priests will more fully experience the joy of the privilege of bringing Jesus to the people through the Sacraments of the Church.

5:00 PM: Pray for religious orders that they remain faithful to the vision of their founders as they carry on their ministry.

6:00 PM: Pray for the priest who had the most profound influence on your life.

7:00 PM: Pray for priests caught in addictions for their healing and ability to forgive themselves for their failure.

8:00 PM: Pray that priests pace themselves in a healthy manner in face of ever increasing workloads and assignments.

9:00 PM: Pray for priests experiencing physical pain or disease.

10:00 PM: Pray for a healthy balance of prayer, service and relaxation among the priests of our nation and the world.

11:00 PM: Pray that priests experience joy and peace through their participation in the lives of those they serve.

12:00 PM: Pray that the lived witness of priests will inspire young men to hear and accept God’s call to the priesthood.


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